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      by jlt0729 on August 24, 2007 at 14:05:44 PDT

    Hi Gang, when we started aplacetocalhome, we used the rules we had in place at lites... here are a few excerpts from those rules... this is how I envisioned we would continue. This league is suppose to be fun for all. Please remember the td's are donating their time to mkae this fun... Thank you all for being a member here, if any of us can be of assistance, just let us know.

    Single Events: If a player is booted from the table or lounge, the player has 10 minutes to return. A sub may be used immediately. A TD/Admin may sub if another HOME member is unavailable. No bux will be afforded the sub unless the individual they are subbing for wishes to award them. In the spirit of good sportsmanship, winners of the semifinal round will request a semifinalist loser to act as their sub in the final. Another sub may be used if a semifinalist loser is unavailable or if the winner of the semifinal round has coordinated with the losing semifinalist and the losing semifinalist is in agreement.

    Pairings for non-bidding reverse tournaments are at the discretion of the hosting Tournament Director. Pairings may be from either top to bottom or bottom to top. All other pairings are from top to bottom.

    Thank You,
    Jay Taylor
    Head Admin

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