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      by margaret_blevans on July 23, 2007 at 15:29:19 PDT

    : We were all saddened, shocked and some even angry with the deletion of our fomer league Flickering Lites. I want to assure everyone, we got the same information you all recieved in the last newsletter. By the time it was recieved, the league was gone. I can only assure you that something must have been terribly wrong that we didnot know about. I wish Toff well in her future endeavors and hope things only get better for her.

    : As for the rest of us, please remember that whatever your feeling, those feelings are not right or wrong. They just are and together we can work through them. Toff said it best when she said "remember when one door closes another opens."

    : Jay and I began conversing quickly late Saturday afternoon. By late Sunday afternoon A Place to Call home was born. This is indeed what it is to us, our pino home. We hope you will consider it that too. We cannot replace or transfer the bux lost on non premium memberships, but we can offer you the chance to earn them back. We can offer you tournaments with many of the same hosts. Perhaps many of the same players. In addition to that we hope to gain some new faces.

    : Overall, the loss we will get through one step at a time but honestly we will get through it, together. We are working dilligently to get rules back together and we have a functional main page, altho not as beautiful as before. So lets get together and enjoy a good game of pino and our friendships. After all thats what makes a home and a league

    : mah aka Pattie

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