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      by sassybrat1978 on January 8, 2021 at 22:59:49 PST

    SpadeQuiz i really dont think this was Appropriate to put this in here on the Forum Its always nice to give someone a second chance What someone does in another league and w/d or gets kicked banned or whatever the case may be.maybe the fit wasnt there for that person in that in at the u may have some that move on to other leagues to see if it fits them or not.whatever happened in that in should of stayed in that league should of never been said in here. i never ever once seen the ha Joyce in spade_friends go to other leagues in the forum and put nasty comments or even in the cbox about anyone or bash another league thats not just her she dont do that to other leagues she keeps to her self she is a peachy kind of a person and she enjoys her with that being said i suggest u may wanna keep your comments to yourself and if u dont like it or someone in spade_friends u might just wanna stay in the league u r in and just click the cards and not worry about what everyone else is doing....
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