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  • Windows 8 and can't enter on gaming safari, help please View
      by Rosie on January 8, 2014 at 16:57:55 PST


    I have windows 8 and I can't enter in the room. I have downloaded the software.
    When I click on the room, it is open updater and nothing.

    I have downloaded with google chrome, firefox but nothing work to enter to play.

    Help please!


    • Windows 8 and can't enter on gaming safari, help please View
        by fs0928 on January 15, 2014 at 14:17:58 PST


      What i would do is uninstall gaming safari. You can do this by going to your conrol panel. In windows 8 go to search and type in conrol panel. Go into your control panel and find programs. scroll down until you see gaming safari, Hightlight it then right click on it and uninstall. When the uninstall is complete reboot your computer. Then go to gaming safari and reinstall the software. I hope this works for you.
      Let me know.

    • Windows 8 and can't enter on gaming safari, help please View
        by sasysusie on January 12, 2014 at 18:41:58 PST

      Hi Rosie, I am a td at still trying and Darl asked me to try and help out here as she is not being able to post her right no go figure!! lol I have windows 8 as well and s does one of the other td's I am able to get in the room but im trying to remember what I might have done to make that possible. Ill ask the other td too as he just got is windows 8. Il get back to you with some news as soon as possible , Darl aske me to give you her email address so you can email her and she can try and help you too,,, she will get right to you if you email her and ill work on it too.. hugs hope we can figure it out! Susie

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