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      by HTD on November 26, 2013 at 03:04:15 PST

    1. U have to choose whether Swiss or True Swiss at the beginning

    2. This is important , only ONE IP address/ ONE computer or anything similar , can go to that tourney's Pairing Page / Admin Page , because if not , the pairing that has been finish Swapping will not be submitted the same like u swapped , so for all whose who want to train Swiss , 1 way is to create a copied tourney with different tourney ID , the 2nd way is that ( Usually use 2nd way ) u have to tell trainee to copy all the pairing before and after Swap and DO NOT SUBMIT yet , trainee have to give the trainer a look for the un-submitted and swapped pairing 1st with NO BLUES , unless can't be avoided , NO BLUE will be always 1st concern .

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