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      by mymate on September 29, 2008 at 23:12:41 PDT

    My Dear Philly,i really dont know where to start this as the tears are rolling down my face.You have been here from day one and been a great asset to our League which you loved so much.You have been a treasured member here since 07/07/03 and you would take no crap from anyone,and i still remember back when (cant mention her name from another league)gave you a hard time and you came back with both barrels loaded,(good ol iwin days of sharing rooms)you surprised me Hoochie Momma,i had a good laugh over that!You jumped on board as a TD as you didnt want to see our League die and you kept us afloat with ur 500 or so s/e's.You rocked so much with your dedication you became a HTD and notched up 862 tourneys,awesome effort!!Phils you have left footprints on every members heart here in this league and no one will or can replace that.The amount of times i have called and spoke with you on the phone and even tonight before you passed over i called you,You are one special lady to me and i will treasure every moment we shared together.Im so sorry you couldnt hold out till March 2009 when i was coming to meet you and you told me you had the cards ready for our live game of euchre,you promised me you'd get better for when i arrived,but my dear,i understand you were tired and now the angels have come for ya.Ill never forget the Alan Jackson song you asked me to put on your birthday tourney page this year and i have still got it saved in my favs wishing i could play it again in Jan next year.You were a mum to me,something i never had when i was growing up till i met you 5 years ago.Philly you have no more pain now,may you rest peacefully.*Moe mai korua i roto i te aroha o te Atua*=Rest in the Love of the Lord,Love you my Hoochie Momma, Deepest Sympathy to ur daughter VAST223(Lori) and Dear Friend Berrycraft (Shirley)Much love and hugs to you both at this sad time.
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        by herself67 on September 30, 2008 at 05:54:04 PDT

      My Dear Girlie!!!!! "THE STRONG ARM OF EUCHRETHIS". You were an inspiration to all of us. Never letting us get out of control but gently,loving guiding us to were we are today. There are "ANGELS" among us and you were ours. We will miss you my Dear Sweet Phils..
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        by EUCHRE_THIS_HTD on September 29, 2008 at 23:56:45 PDT

      phils my heart is so heavy right now its tuff to write this the feel'n of lose'n you no words can explain i have known you prolly 6 yrs i remember when u came over to euchrethis like it was yest from that day on we played together an we rocked i remember when you mate an i was the only 1's in the lobby we were so determinded to keep this league alive i remember u scold'n me in lobby once like my granny i have so many good memories ill cherish them 4ever i know its ok now an u can rest peacefully ONEDAY we'll play together again love ya granny (phils)
        by Tebucky34 on September 29, 2008 at 23:37:26 PDT

      My lord my God where do i start?
      After the tears leave my eyes ill see this keyboard which will never happen....I will keep the day that we met in my heart were not only a friend and a sexy gal i must say but MY #1.....Ill miss you more than anyone even knows....You will be forever in my my my decisions and life...ya just dont meet people like you....Lands stay strong im always here for you guys we lost the best but her legacy around here will live forever..Cheers Janet ya made me a better person than I could ever imagine and when I play this game ya sit right next to me.....God bless
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