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      by Danger4u on September 29, 2008 at 23:59:17 PDT

    I don't know where to start but i must try and say this as try my best to get it right as the tears pour my eyes and it's hard to see what im typing.

    Phils you were more too me than just a euchre friend; i considered you my second mother,friend for life,Euchre buddy.
    You were always there rather you were sick or tired and would take no crap from no one. I feel as if i have lost a part of my heart now that your gone then i remember you will always be here with us in spirit and guiding us along to a journey unknown to us.
    You will be missed by alot of people but will never be forgotton. You in my eyes are a legend and legends live forever. May your heart and soul Rest in Peace in the arms of jesus and the eyes of god; For you are now in a better place and in a more peaceful world.
    May god grant you the light to find yourway to those angel wings awaiting you up in heaven.

    Love you always phils,
    Kevin Wilson(Danger4u)

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