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      by lllxlll_sherry_lllxlll on July 24, 2010 at 11:57:09 PDT


    We have been online friends for along time. Hate to admit the time that I have spent online, but I would never regret the time I have spent with you, or gotten to know you. We definately have had our moments, some not so great, but thru it all, we have remained dear friends. We both know we would be there for each other. Wish I could be there with you now thru one of your hardest times, if only to give you a hug. Words are always hard for me at times like this, it seems you can never find the right words. I know for a fact that it wont get any easier. Tears will be shed daily, even n years to come you will have your moments, but the moments come from memories and missing someone that was so special in our lives. So the memories are good and we appreciate the time that we did have with that person.

    Love you and always here for ya

    Love from your Cherry

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