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      by cidetwin on December 19, 2010 at 23:12:09 PST

    Hope this finds you happy and healthy this season...with regards to this..we should be expecting Linda back soon, and looking forward to her being well and playing with us again, Holly went through her surgery well and is playing with us while re-cooperating.I do have some sad news, Leslie contacted me a few days ago and reported her son, Josh, was in the Richmond Hospital undergoing tests with a long standing problem he has. I cannot imagine, especially this time of year to have a child in ICU and not knowing the outcome. Not sure what tests have resulted in, she asks for prayers and hopefully all be well and they can come home. We wish all these players a quick healthy hopes there are not more I failed to mention. Stay healthy and safe over the holidays y'all, some Staff will be enroute or spending time with family and not online..hopefully those here can host a few tourneys for you. Best and prosperous wishes for all of you...Many hugs...Joyce
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