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      by kiwijohn on May 19, 2019 at 14:45:38 PDT

    Howdy all, tried downloading gaming safari onto my phone. Everything seemed to work until i tried to enter rooms. Nothing happened. Was wondering if you can play using your phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy A10. Any help would be appreciated
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        by phil_ebbans2 on May 28, 2019 at 04:33:33 PDT

      Hi John

      Gaming Safari only supports the below.

      -- Operating s --
      Windows 10 (although it doesn't actually list it)
      Windows 8.1
      Windows 8
      Windows 7
      Windows Vista with Service Pack 2

      -- Internet Browsers --
      Internet Explorer 9 or higher
      Google Chrome 30 or higher
      Mozilla Firefox 28 or higher

      -- Resolution --
      At minimum, 1024 x 768. Some elements may not be visible, like chat in games at the mimimum resolution.

      So as you can see it doesn't work on any other s other than Microsoft windows and certain browsers. It also doesn't work on windows XP, Apple etc.

      It will download to other devices but will NOT work/load in rooms.

      There is a way in which you use your phone as a router/modem connected to a computer. This uses your phone as a
      connection to the internet so you can use a computer. I not fully up on how to do this but must be info online. Of course this will use all your phones data up and may be slow.


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