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      by Cardlizzy on March 14, 2016 at 09:17:29 PDT

    Hello players,

    Please make sure that your table settings are correct. If settings are found by either player to not right before half the round time is over, the game must be RESTARTED with correct settings. If half the time is gone when this is discovered, then a 1 Round No Discards tournament will decide the outcome.

    When playing in partners, it is all 4 players responsibility to make sure settings are correct. Same rule applies, tourney will be started over if there is time. THIS IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT FOR 5K PARDS. THERE WILL BE NO ADDING SCORES TO DETERMINE OUTCOME. By the time the first round would end (and thus discover settings were wrong) there is still time to start over. PLEASE ALL PLAYERS CHECK SETTINGS.

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Now playing at Tams11
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