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      by Cardlizzy on March 14, 2016 at 09:25:08 PDT


    We as a ladder have a 5 minute timer per round and in swiss tournaments the host will give you two rounds of timing out before they withdraw you or your team from a tournament.

    If you need a timer started on your opponent, please ask for one in the lobby within the first minute after the tourney starts. The timer time will start once you ask for the timer.

    If no one has asked for a timer, the host can start the timer at 1 minute into game time.

    Please also be sure to announce in the lobby when you need a timer paused. The host can not always see that a player has returned during large tourneys.

    If there is approx. a 3 min. overlap in tourneys, you may check in for the next one and be put on a timer. The timer is a 5 min. timer only! So please be respectful of the person potentially waiting on you. If the overlap is more than 3 minutes you have to
    withdraw from one of the tourneys...you don’t get 2-5 minute
    timers in the new tourney to finish the old tourney.

    *****If the room host gets booted from tams, the game will be restarted from the beginning and play until time is called. If less than half the game time remains then a quick 1 round no discard game will be played. This will be for 1 on 1 as well as for partners games.
    ***If both players get booted from tams or leave before a tournament is finished and they are playing against each other and both time out, then the first player to leave will get the loss.

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